Helping Children Ease their School Anxiety

back_to_schoolYoung children will often develop a feeling of separation when they have to get back or go to school for the first time. As a parent, it is helpful to find possible ways of managing the emotions that are developed for the best interest of the child. Some kids may get excited about the idea of going back or joining school for the first time. There are other children who may feel anxious about the whole idea. All these are normal transitioning feelings that is best to be managed with great care.

There are common back-to-school worries that are usually displayed by small children. Some kids may be willing to open up to their parents or guardians about their actual feelings while others may decide to keep these feelings to themselves. It is helpful for you as the parent or guardian to follow up and offer to talk about the feeling of their child at the time of joining or getting back to school. The common worries exhibited include:

Whether the teacher will like me or not

Whether I will like my teacher

Whether I will make any friends at school

What will happen if get lost while at school

What happens to me if I don’t understand school work?

How will I feel staying away from mom and dad?


Helpful Tips to Do Before School

Preparing your child for their first day in school or getting back after a long holiday at home can help reduce any forms of anxiety and reduce the feeling of separation from home. Some good tips to kick you off with the process include:

Introducing the child ahead of time to the common school activities such as storytelling, drawing pictures, singing, dancing, and more to enable them connect with the new environment instantly

Visiting their classroom before the school starts in order to familiarize with the new environment well.

Create a meeting ahead of time between the child and their teacher to make an early relationship between the two. Showing your child that their teacher is a good person whose intention is to help, can go a long way towards comfort.

Stuffed animals or toys can serve as a transitional object, meaning they help the child comfortably transition from home to school. Seek permission from the teacher or relevant institution authorities on whether your kid can bring a friend from home. This could be a stuffed animal from home to keep them chubby and comfortable.

Do NOT linger: You may without meaning to make the situation worse for your kid when you stay longer. Do not create a long farewell as this may develop a notion that the school is a bad place, or that you don’t trust the adults in school to care for our child.  

Try to Identify other Kids by Names:
This will work magic in making a small child feel that the school is much more familiar and as safe as home.

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