Mental Health & Applied Behavior Analysis Services

BEHAVIORAL & EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS, P.C. consists of a diverse mental and behavioral health team that will work with your family to provide the necessary support, resources, solutions, respite, and education. All services can be delivered in the clinic, home, school in person or via HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms. We currently offer services in the following languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Applied Behavior
Analysis Services

BES offers a wide array of individualized and family-focused behavioral services. Our trained, licensed psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts are experienced child-focused clinicians that can identify and treat developmental delays early to optimize a child’s potential. BES can identify severe developmental disabilities early (autism, pervasive development disorder, intellectual deficits, etc.) and intervene early.

man and child

Mental Health Services

As a child develops new skills and interacts with different settings mental health concerns can arise that impact their family and academic lives. Children and adolescents need proper individualized treatment from licensed mental health professionals capable of working with all aspects of the child’s life. By working with parents and the child we ensure that caregivers learn how to best teach the child to deal with emotional or cognitive concerns.