Comprehensive Mental Health and Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment and Coaching for Families

BEHAVIORAL & EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS, P.C. consists of a diverse mental and behavioral health team that is dedicated to helping your family find peace and harmony. We partner with families to diagnose and develop a customized behavioral and mental health treatment plan to address the needs of their children and family.

As an integral part of your behavioral team, BES provides services in a variety of settings to meet your family’s needs including school, home, telehealth via a HIPAA compliant platform or in our Silver Spring office.

Applied Behavior
Analysis Services

At BES, your child is more than a diagnosis. Our child-focused team invests extensive time getting to know your child and family before developing an individualized and family-focused behavioral plan. Our trained, licensed psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts are experienced clinicians that can identify and treat developmental delays early to optimize a child’s potential. Common areas of identification that can benefit from early identification and ABA services include autism, down syndrome, pervasive development disorder, and intellectual deficits. Early identification and intervention is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome for your child. If you have concerns about your child, contact our team to get started on an evaluation today.

man and child

Mental Health Services

Mental health services are a critical and often overlooked tool for achieving success for children with ADHD, anxiety, autism and other neurological conditions. Identifying and addressing mental health needs early on results in children who are more understanding of their unique differences and better able to advocate for themselves. At BES, our mental health professionals support children and adolescents in a variety ways. Common areas of treatment include helping a child understand a new diagnosis, supporting a child with anxiety or depression and helping teens and tweens navigate relationships as a young adult. Treatment generally ranges from a few sessions to a year or longer to address more complex issues. If you think your child would benefit from counseling, contact us today. All our services are confidential and can be delivered in our Silver Spring office or telehealth via a HIPAA compliant platform.