Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA)

Our clinicians determine the function of a child’s maladaptive behavior and teach new appropriate behaviors that serve the same needs for a child, but in a socially and developmentally appropriate manner.

At BES we have Licensed Psychologists and BCBAs who understand how to examine a child’s behavior to help caregivers/providers better understand how their child’s behavior is functioning to meet their needs, how behavior is affected by the environment, and how their child’s learning takes place.

Why Students Need FBAs

At BES FBAs are completed as part of treatment planning to determine the needs and functions of the behaviors. The FBA will list the behaviors that an individual must change in addition to providing solutions. 

What Information is included in an FBA?

Functional Behavior Assessments created by BES take into account developmental expectations and realities. Assessments include specific information such as:

  • A detailed account of the problem behavior
  • Identify the function being met for the child when they engage in undesired behaviors
  • Identifying the factors motivating the problem behavior
  • Identifying environmental variables that impact the behaviors
  • Ways that a child can develop alternative replacement behaviors that can be used in place of the undesired behaviors
woman and child