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Anxiety Help

  • Has your child experienced sudden changes recently?
  • Is he/she constantly worried?
  • Has your child been complaining of stomach pains or other pains for no apparent reason?
  • Does your child avoid going to certain places that he/she enjoyed going to before?
  • Does he/she seem moody and you do not know why?

We Can Coach You On How To…

  • Develop Stabilizing Routines
  • Assess & Screen Your Child’s Behavior
  • Improve Your Communication
  • Teach Your Child Coping Skills to Better Manage Their Symptoms


We Can Teach Your Child To…

  • Connect Emotions, Thoughts & Behaviors
  • Teach Your Child Self-Regulation Skills Such As Breathing Exercises
  • Identify Cognitions that lead to Anxious Behaviors


    Let's Get Started

    We Offer In-Clinic Therapy And Safe & Secure Telehealth Therapy Services From The Comfort Of Your Own Home On Your Computer, Laptop or Tablet.

    We Are An In-Network Provider With The Following Insurance Carriers:
    Amerigroup DC, AmeriHealth DC, Beacon MD, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield PPO & HMO, DC Medicaid, Health Services for Children with Special Needs, MD Medicaid, Tri-Care & Trusted DC.

    We Accept Most Insurance Plans
    . Even If We Are Not In-Network With Your Insurance Plan Call Us Or Complete The Form Below. We Still Might Be Able To Help You File A Claim!

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