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About Our Child Psychological Services

At Behavior & Educational Solutions, we offer specialized child psychology services to assist parents, teachers and the community. Our psychologists and counselors can evaluate children before creating a plan to improve their academic performance or behavior.

Testing Services That We Provide

1: Evaluation of Infants and Preschoolers

Our team of experts can diagnose a child’s developmental delays that can involve their motor or language skills in order to create an individualized remediation plan. We also collect information about a child’s genetic, neurological and medical conditions to understand their developmental delays. In addition, we evaluate a child’s behavioral problems and personality to provide recommendations for parents and educators.

2: Intelligence Testing

Parents or school administrators may need a comprehensive intelligence test report to determine if a child is eligible for certain educational opportunities. This testing procedure can also include understanding what a child has already learned along with a consultation with educators and parents to plan a child’s future.

3: Psychological Diagnostic Evaluations

We provide psychological diagnostic evaluations to determine if a child has a mental health issue such as schizophrenia, learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder. After a diagnosis is completed, we can create a plan to help a child with medications, therapy or interventions.

4: Neuropsychological Evaluations

A neuropsychological evaluation is helpful when a child has a brain deficit that is leading to inappropriate behavior or cognitive dysfunctions. A diagnostician will evaluate a child in several different areas such as academic skills, emotions and language development to create a treatment plan. This type of testing is appropriate for children who have Asperger’s syndrome, seizure disorders or traumatic brain injury.

How We Can Help Children With Treatments

After an evaluation is completed, we also provide services that help children to overcome their deficits. At Behavior & Educational Solutions, we offer these services:

• Child social skills programs – teaching appropriate social skills
• Behavioral medicine – cognitive behavioral therapy
• Biofeedback – clients learn how to change their thinking and physical reactions

Additional Educational and Consulting Services

Schools and parents can contact Behavior & Educational Solutions for additional consulting or educational services. We offer training and assistance with a variety of problems including:

• Childhood bipolar disorder
• Understanding medications
• Learning disorders
• Neurodevelopment
• Sleeping problems
• Tourette syndrome

For more information about the services provided by Behavior & Educational Solutions, contact us with a telephone call or email today.

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