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Early Childhood (0-5) Mental Health Services

Social, emotional and behavioral concerns identified in early childhood can be predictive of later concerns. From infancy to age five, how children cope with stress, frustrations, or change provides a glimpse of potential future concerns. The behaviors may be signs and symptoms of mental health concerns or a signal that the child needs help developing better coping skills. BES has experienced child psychologists who can do a developmental evaluation and identify typical developmental concerns or severe developmental disabilities (autism, intellectual disability, etc.). All children benefit from early identification and intervention.either will benefit from early identification and intervention.

BESDC Early Childhood Services empower parents and caregivers in areas such as:

  • Coaching on promoting optimal development
  • Understanding and structuring their environment to change behavior
  • Building a child’s skill sets
  • Helping with emotional regulation
  • Potty training
  • Separation anxiety
  • Appropriately communicating frustrations
  • classroom behavior concerns
  • First day of school preparation
  • Coaching parents on development
  • Empowering the caregiver to understand and structure their environment
  • Dealing with grief
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