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Quarantine Summer Doesn’t have to be a Bummer

School is out and its finally summer! However, the excitement is cut short when you remember that all the fun things you and your family enjoy over the summer are no longer open…

Amusement parks are closed. The community swimming pools are closed. Camps are closed.

Is it even safe to fly with children for a family vacation?

Recent spikes in COVID-19 cases has further dimmed any hope of people having a real summer vacation in 2020. At this point, I am sure that both parents and children are tired of being in the house and desperately in need a vacation away from home. Although we may not be able to enjoy a real summer vacation, there are still some creative ideas parents can use to let loose and have a little fun this summer with their family.

  1.  Outdoor Play: Whether you purchase an outdoor swimming poor, water slide, bubbles, or a sprinkler system, outdoor play can be fun. Be imaginative and create a backyard oasis for your children and even yourself (cocktails included).
  2. Fun in the Park: No backyard? No problem. Find a local park or winery that has plenty of space for social distancing. Set-up a tent, food, music and games for your family to enjoy outside time together. Purchase water guns and balloons to still have some water play fun.
  3. Roll into vacation in an RV: Rent an RV and go explore the U.S. national parks. RVs are really popular this summer as they afford families with all the luxuries of staying in a vacation rental but with WHEELS! There are likely many wonderful campgrounds and RV parks within a short distance from where you live.
  4. Fishing for new ideas: Have you ever been fishing? Well now is the time to try something new. Fishing is a perfect activity for a family and provides social distancing. Whether offshore or off a dock, fishing can become a new family tradition.
  5. BBQ Cookout: You were probably going to do this already, but I will say it anyway… A BBQ Cookout. Most people enjoy grilling and see it as a perfect opportunity to fellowship, eat and play games. Get creative and have a cooking competition, like the Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle that’s held in Washington, DC every summer. Prepare unique recipes and then select judges or vote on the winner.
  6. Safer Summer: Okay, so you aren’t quite comfortable going outside just yet? No worries, make inside fun by creating cool themes for dinner one to two nights out the week. Go all out with a theme by incorporating foods and activities from different cultures. Maybe even dress up in authentic attire or costumes.. Plan a movie night and make s’mores using the stove top. Have a family game night but play new games that everyone has to learn. Whatever you decide, remember to be safe and have fun!


By: Dr. Teneisha McIntyre

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