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Parent Coordination

Using family forensics to deal with marriage and family life (parent coordination)

All families come with their own set of complexities. These are issues that couples and children handle on a day to day basis. However, there are certain events that can be difficult to just cope with, and this is where family forensic services come in. The aim of the clinics is to help members of the family iron out the differences that could be the root of the problem and promote closure and healing. Common issues that result from trouble in the home include substance abuse, divorce, empty nest syndromes, underage pregnancies, domestic violence, sex offenses and many others.

What do the forensic experts do?

  • Evaluations

Solutions offered include court ordered psychological evaluations and treatments. For instance, if one committed a crime and is citing mental incapacitation as the cause, the court could order the psychiatrists to evaluate the person to give a verdict. The person can decide to get treatment or rehabilitation from the clinic after the tests have been carried out.

  • Clinical services

These include individual and family psychotherapy. If for instance your family is undergoing a rough situation such as a divorce, group counseling will help the little ones open up about their pain, hence preventing issues in the future. People with abuse problems will be helped get to the root cause of the problem and after dealing with the cause, the behavior will be managed.

  • Behavioral medicine

There are children who are born with problems such as cerebral palsy, autism spectrum, Down’s syndrome, Asperger syndrome and others. These are issues that greatly affect the ability of the child to integrate into society and their productivity and quality of life. The behavioral therapists in the program will help the child find a way to cope with day to day life.

  • Education and consulting services

All school going children, regardless of their age go through some form of emotional turmoil or the other. These result from bullying, adolescence and the struggle to fit in. Motivational and inspirational talks will help guide these kids and integrate them into the greater school community.

The success of a family as a unit depends greatly on the emotional competence of the members. The forensic services address everything from simple counseling sessions to dealing with issues like grief and loss. Competent counselors are the ideal people to contact when you feel that the situation at home is getting too difficult to just man up to.

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