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Cindy Cruz
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Cindy Cruz speaks about Parent Training.

Raising a child is a learning process, continually presenting new and interesting challenges. An important aspect of child development is recognizing the signs that point to behavioral concerns. Negative behaviors occur in ALL children, and it’s always a good idea for parents to seek advice from family and friends. However, when problems become unmanageable, reaching out to a mental health professional is a logical next step.

Modifying Behavior 

Changing inappropriate or undesired behaviors in children requires more than saying no. Children are vulnerable, especially during the first few years, and responding to undesirable behavior should be done in a way that is positive but also reinforces parental authority. Changes in behavior are common as children grow, but if angry outbursts become frequent, parents should consider scheduling a consult.

Dealing with Anxiety

Maintaining adequate mental health plays a significant role in the way children behave. When learning to deal with anxiety, the first thing parents need to understand is that feeling stressed is normal, even for children. Still, recognizing signs of overwhelming anxiety is an important part of understanding a child’s needs.

Anxiety can be a reaction to sudden life changes or situations that don’t go as planned. In these instances, coaching and mental health evaluations can be invaluable for parents and children because they pinpoint specific triggers and provide solutions.


One of the hardest things about disciplining children is not responding when you are emotionally aroused. Children learn behaviors and communication patterns by watching how their parents respond to challenges, including when mom and dad dole out punishment. Coaching is effective in helping parents understand why certain behaviors occur during specific stages and which methods are most appropriate for dealing with them. Coaching helps parents learn effective ways to manage difficult situations.

Parents should never feel embarrassed about appealing to mental health experts such as a behavior analyst or psychotherapist for help with behavior problems in their children. At the end of the day, the only thing that should matter is ensuring your precious little ones grow up having as safe and typical a childhood as possible. Contact us for evaluations and coaching.

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