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Parent and Teacher Training Consultation

How Behavior & Educational Solutions Can Help With a Child’s Speech and Language Problems

At Behavior & Educational Solutions, we provide teacher and parent training consultations concerning speech and language. Clients can undergo professional evaluations concerning language and speech development before a counselor or child psychologist creates an individualized treatment plan. When a child has a cognitive impairment or they are mentally challenged, a speech delay or disorder may occur. Some of the problems that a child may have with their speech include:

• Understanding the social pragmatics
• Interpreting symbols and signs
• Using the correct grammatical rules
• Choosing the proper words while talking
• Using the correct sound level while talking
• Using proper breathing techniques while talking
• Learning new words for interesting speech

Some of the Most Common Speech and Language Problems

An evaluation for a speech or language problem can determine that a child has one or more issues that require remediation. A child may have these problems:

• Problems with the throat, lungs or diaphragm
• Literacy impairments with semantics, writing or reading
• Poor memory or a short attention span
• Inability to understand grammatical concepts
• Unable to cope with social situations
• Retrieving words from the brain before talking

Behavior & Educational Solutions will analyze a child’s speech in order to make a diagnosis to create an educational plan to resolve the issue. A child may have one of these disorders:

• Language-based learning disabilities
• Stuttering
• Speech apraxia
• Speech sound difficulties
• Expressive language problems
• Receptive language problems
• Breathing abnormalities
• Swallowing abnormalities
• Sensory awareness difficulties

A child might have a language or speech abnormality that is caused by a brain trauma injury, cleft palate or cerebral palsy.

Experts Can Help with a Child’s Treatment Plan

After a child is evaluated, a treatment plan is prepared that can include multiple professionals such as:

• Speech-language pathologists
• Audiologists
• Occupational therapists
• Teachers
• School administrators
• Physicians
• Registered nurses
• Dentists and orthodontists
• Dietitians
• Behavior consultants

What Is the Goal of Speech and Language Evaluations and Consultations?

The goal of diagnosing a speech and language disorder before creating an effective treatment plan is to help a child improve their language and speech in order to have a more normal life at home, school and in social situations. With early intervention for language and speech problems, a child is more likely to have a better outcome. Contact Behavior & Educational Solutions today with an email or telephone call to request our services.

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