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Military & Family Counseling

BES supports Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program through the Department of Defense as a subcontractor and subject matter experts. The mission of the program is to offer free short-term solution-focused counseling for common personal and family issues that do not warrant medical or behavioral health treatment within the military health system. BES provides in person, confidential, non-medical counseling services that benefit military families and children. BES provides MFLC services across to ten military installations across five states in the Mid-Atlantic United States. The MFLC Counselors are responsible for:

  • Partnering with and augmenting activities of Service Family Centers, Guard and Reserve programs (including Inter-Service Family Assistance Committees), unit family support staff officers, and other programs and services to build coalitions and connect Federal, state, and local resources and nonprofit organizations to support Active Duty, Guard and Reserve families.
  • Providing face-to-face non-medical counseling to military service members and their families and makes appropriate referrals and transfers to military and community resources.
  • Consulting with military commands and installation service providers.
  • Consulting with teachers, child-development center providers, parents, and children regarding disruptive class behaviors.
  • Providing support to teachers, families, and students regarding deployment and reintegration.
  • Interacting with children and parents from the larger military community and Child and Youth Services (CYS), during special events, parent groups, and center activities.
  • Developing and/or using approved training and education programs and materials for new or revised presentations by military leadership.
  • Providing tracking of services performed and referrals made using appropriate reporting system.
  • Advising on curriculum development for the delivery of services and in response to new presentation requested by military leadership.
  • Providing response to critical incidents, surge and on-demand events.
  • Managing duty to warn and restricted reporting situations according to DOD protocol.
  • Communicating with supervisors to share information regarding trends and issues at their assigned installation.

*Start Date 08/15/2018, 10 years contract $21,250,000 estimate, NJ, PA, MD, DC, VA

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