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Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Behavior & Educational Solutions is a child and family focused practice that offers individual, group and family therapy in a caring and confidential manner. We use a variety of treatment methods to help our clients, including: Behavior & Educational Solutions is a child psychology practice that offers individual, group and family therapy in a caring and confidential manner.

One of the most important ways to resolve problems in families or social groups is by improving verbal and nonverbal communication. While psychotherapy is a primary form of treatment at Behavior & Educational Solutions, it is often combined with other therapies to ensure that patients overcome their problems. Before beginning therapy at our facility, we analyze a client’s issues in order to create an effective treatment plan. Instead of participating in several group-counseling sessions, we might recommend individual therapy instead for a client to achieve a better outcome from the treatment. Alternatively, some clients need to participate in multiple types of therapy to overcome their problems.

The Importance of Individual Therapy

Some individuals want to participate in one-on-one therapy sessions to resolve private issues that they do not want to discuss with strangers or relatives. Clients can count on Behavior & Educational Solutions for any type of therapy required.

Reasons to Seek Group Counseling

In group therapy, a client discusses their problems with unrelated individuals who will also share their experiences. With this therapy, each client learns something from the other clients. An important aspect of these meetings is that clients must maintain confidentiality to protect identities along with what is discussed during the therapeutic sessions. Some of the reasons why clients participate in group therapy include:

• Coping with a traumatic event – such as a violent crime
• Coping with grief – coping with the death of a loved one
• Coping with addiction – avoiding drug or alcohol use
• Coping with anger – learning how to cope with anger issues
• Coping with stress – understanding how to manage stress
• Coping with post-pardum depression
• Learning how to better raise a child with developmental disability

Each group therapy session at our facility is supervised by a trained counselor or psychiatrist.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is appropriate for parents and children who have experience divorce, death, financial hardship, abuse, or addiction. In some cases, a family must learn how to cope with the challenges of caring for an elderly relative with dementia or a child with a severe developmental disability. Family may also seek counseling to better communication among members, or to help parents implement effective child behavior plans.


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