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Fees & Forms

For details about our rates for services please call: 240-398-3514
or e-mail:

We are happy to consult with potential clients about any questions you may have. We accept cash, personal checks, or credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/ American Express/ Discover).

Evaluations & Interventions
Services performed by BES are billed at the agreed upon fixed evaluation rate or by the hour for interventions. This rate encompasses all services with the exception of expert witness testimony, fees for which are outlined below.

Expert Witness Fee
Expert witness testimony fees vary according to the experience and ability of our expert and the complexity of the case. Therefore the fee will be subject to negotiation and committed in writing. A retainer is payable prior to any scheduled services.

Forms (under development)
In an effort to save time during the first appointment, the following forms can be downloaded here and completed prior to the first session. The forms are password protected and BES will provide you with the appropriate code when making your appointment.

  1. ABA New Patient Telephone Intake Form

Insurance Reimbursement
We understand that using health insurance can help with the financial cost of treatment. We are currently paneled with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield PPO, Tri-Care, AmeriHealth DC, and Health Services for Children with Special Needs.

If we are not paneled with your insurance plan, we would be happy to provide documentation to facilitate with filing of claims should you wish to utilize your insurance benefits. Please check with your insurance company prior to our first meeting so you are aware of ALL your benefits. Some questions you should ask are:

• What is the coverage for “outpatient psychological services”?
• What is the percentage of reimbursement for an “out of network provider” and the deductible, if there is one?

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