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Family Advocacy Program Prevention and Education Specialist

BES supports the United States Army Family Advocacy Program (FAP) by staffing the FAP Prevention and Education Specialist. The Prevention and Education Specialist provides child and spouse abuse prevention and education efforts to clients at risk or actively experiencing child abuse in the Fort Meade military community.  The Prevention and Education Specialist is responsible for:

  • Developing, supervising, and administering programs and support services aimed at positively influencing children and parents before and after abuse or neglect occurs;
  • Conducting family based assessments to identify familial risk factors, and design and implement goals and objectives for family service plans with performance-based outcomes;
  • Teaching parenting coping skills that enhance clients’ abilities to nurture and care for infants and children;
  • Managing calendar of FAP events;
  • Establishing and maintaining FAP accreditation files applicable to program and services delivered and mandated annual accreditation inspection;
  • Preparing, coordinating, marketing, conducting and documenting education and training to FAP clients;
  • Ensuring all classes offered include at a minimum: class curriculum/syllabus, rosters, evaluations, and sample handouts. Classes topics include: identifying and reporting child abuse, recognizing child sexual abuse, and the cause and effects of child abuse.
  • Coordinating educational professional programs with Child and Youth Services (CYS), local schools located on the installation, law enforcement personnel, Family Advocacy Committee members, and others stakeholders.
  • Planning, coordinating, facilitating, and evaluating family playgroups and support groups that support FAP mission;
  • Planning, coordinating, marketing, and participating in special events sponsored by the FAP (i.e. Child Abuse Prevention Month, Domestic Violence Prevention Month, Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month and community outreach initiatives).

*5 years, $387,340, Maryland

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