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Mental Health, and Social & Educational Support Services for Local, State, and Federal Governments

Since 2008, BESDC has been dedicated to providing government agencies comprehensive support services that meet the unique needs of our government clients, whether it’s early intervention services to county child-development centers, local public schools, or helping military families navigate support for their dependents with disabilities or dealing with domestic violence. The health and wellness of the families we serve is our Number One Priority. No service client is just a “number” to us. Most of our government contracts deal with providing services and support to children and families the government has deemed important. Our experienced mental health care practitioners understand their challenges and seek to work with them 24/7/365. It is truly an honor for BESDC to serve the mental health needs of our military personnel and their families and serve as encouragement to them.


Alfred J. Amado, PhD
President, BESDC”


BESDC serves military personnel and their families in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We understand organizational behavioral change and provide quality service delivery.

Military Mental Health Services

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BESDC team of psychologists, behavior analysts, social-workers, and speech pathologists are on call to provide dedicated mental health services to military personnel and their families. Services are available in Spanish and English. BESDC behavioral and health professionals provide support, resources, solutions, and education to military families that desire to increase engaged quality time with their family.

Government Contracting

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BESDC works closely with Washington, D.C. and Maryland governments to provide mental health support and training to employees, departments, and government agencies. Our experienced staff is dedicated to delivering multidisciplinary and collaborative systems-focused services within different government environments.

Management Consulting

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BESDC also trains government personnel in effective leadership and management practices. Our mental health consultants work with Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia governments to provide training to employees, departments and government contractors.

Some of our health services management training includes: Behavioral Health Consultation, Organizational Change and Management Change, Implementation Science, Leadership Development, Cultural Sensitivity Training, General Management Consulting Services,  and other support services.

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BESDC understands the diverse needs of our government clients. We are scientist/practitioners involved in clinical service and research. Quality service that has measurable outcomes for our clients is priority. We have experience and expertise in the areas of behavioral health, developmental disabilities, special education law and services, serving culturally diverse communities, and children and families.. Our multi-disciplinary approach brings positive and measurable results.

BESDC serves local, state and federal clients in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

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