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Behavioral Intervention Plans

If you’re experiencing behavioral difficulties with your child, you are not alone. Raising children in today’s instant gratification society can be a difficult process, but our highly trained professionals may be able to help you improve your child’s behavior. Behavioral intervention plans (BIP) are helpful for personal “and school behavioral concerns; get the needed assistance before things becomes worse..

Creating the Plan

The plan will be created based upon many different factors. A thorough, comprehensive behavioral examination will be done with your child. You will be asked to share your child’s strengths and weakness. Our BIPs are created with input from the school. The information provided from the teachers, counselors, and administrators help form a unique plan for your child. 

What to Expect

Expect the clinicians working with you to be frank and professional regarding your child’s behavior. The formation of the plan will likely take place with many well-educated individuals that care about your concerns. Its important to be ready to ask questions and understand the recommendations so that we create a plan that will help your child behave appropriately in all facets of his/her life.

BIP Goals

The goals are created in order to improve behaviors. Rewards may be introduced at the beginning of the program, but they are typically received less frequently as the good behaviors continue. Goals are personalized to each individual child, and all people involved with your child will be working together to accomplish identified goals. Some of the goals may be to:

  • Reduce emotional tantrums;
  • Improve prosocial behaviors
  • Decrease self-injurious behaviors

Goals are measured and communicated using behavioral charts, notes, and other data collection methods.

By working with our clinicians, you will observe more positive behaviors from your child at home, in public, and at school. We’ll be there to coach you in making the necessary adjustments to the plan when goals and objectives are met. As such, we empower you to set new goals as your child develops new skills.

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