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The timely diagnosis of psychological and emotional disorders has been shown to reduce long-term risk. Thanks to new and improved diagnostic techniques we are more effective at diagnosing problems early. Even more encouraging is the fact that effective treatment options more accessible.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

A Board Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is an expert at evaluating and treating a range of behavioral exceptionalities. Using research based diagnostics we develop individualized treatment. While many profess to understand behavior, BCBA are uniquely trained to deal with complex behavioral problems. It is important to find a board certified behavior analyst near Wheaton MD.

Child Psychologist

Kids today are experiencing more stress than previous generations. A child psychologist uses sensitivity to explore underlying issues that may be contributing to a child’s unusual behavior or emotional imbalances. All licensed mental health providers may not be trained  to work with children, so consult a child psychologist near Wheaton MD who is experienced in children’s psychological problems.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) applies learning theory to impact a person’s behavior in a social context. Our Licensed Child Psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analyst provide ABA near Wheaton MD to those who can benefit.

Speech Therapy

Speech difficulties can is typically one of the first indicators of developmental disabilities and symptomatic of other physical ailments. However, many speech-related developmental problems can be overcome with early identification and treatment by a speech therapist near Wheaton MD.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has become increasingly recognized as a multifaceted disorder with a spectrum of conditions that vary from one patient to another. Children who are believed to be demonstrating signs of the disorder should be evaluated by a developmental professional familiar with ASD near Wheaton MD.

Psychological Testing

Cognitive and emotional impairments can develop from a wide range of factors, including head injuries, illness, trauma, and congenital conditions. Problems can be temporary or permanent. Psychological  testing near Wheaton MD can help to determine the scope and depth of any deficits that are identified.

Parent Coaching

When a child is diagnosed with a special needs condition or is exhibiting difficult behaviors, parents can learn how to better care and manage the child’s . Parent coaching near Wheaton MD helps to educate and guide parents in working with kids who are dealing with complex psychological and developmental issues.

Teacher Training

Many teachers voice that their educational program did not prepare them for the behavioral issues they face on the job.. Experts can train teachers in becoming better behavioral managers near Wheaton MD.

Family Therapy

Sometimes the the stress related to having a family member with a disability can be very stressful for a family, for example, those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder or a form of autism. Family therapy near Wheaton MD is available to help everyone adjust to the situation and provide a support network for each other.

Group Therapy

Sometimes individuals benefit from the support of others with similar problems. By participating group counseling individuals can engage with professionals with expertise and establish supportive networks that can sustain growth.

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