Teacher Training & Consultation

For optimum learning, children need clear guidance from teachers working in conjunction with parents and consultants to meet each student’s academic needs. This multi-faceted team approach helps to keep a child’s best interests at the heart of a learning plan when the following criteria are adequately addressed.

Testing and Placement

Pupils who are new to a learning system or experiencing difficulties in meeting academic goals should be tested for suitable placement. The right classroom and appropriate learning environment make a huge difference in whether or how a student meets education milestones. We work with administrators, faculty, and parents to ensure children receive the best individual learning plan for their personalized needs.

Learning Style and Capabilities

Education experts have identified several distinct learning styles in children today. Some students may have a dominant or preferred learning style that motivates them to more readily learn the concepts being taught. For some this may involve visual concepts, while other students prefer a hands-on approach. Still others absorb new experiences more fully from a spatial perspective that allows them to move from one learning station to another. We can assist with placing students in an academic environment best suited to their learning needs.

Mentoring and Supervision

Along with supporting a child’s educational learning plan, we provide mentoring and supervision support to help children stay on task and meet designated goals. Together, with teachers, parents, and administrators, we offer an academic safety net combining tutoring, discipline, and rewards to help students thrive in an academic environment. When students feel comfortable in a learning situation, they are apt to perform better on assignments and tests.

Our goal is to give children the opportunity to maintain academic progress in a traditional classroom, online, or home school environment where they can feel free to learn at their own pace while meeting important academic goals.

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