Functional Behavioral Assessments

Professional Functional Behavioral Assessments

Schools often need to have a professional functional behavioral assessment performed on a student to help with creating an individual educational plan. At Behavior & Educational Solutions, we have psychiatrists and counselors who understand how to evaluate a child for a functional behavioral assessment. An important aspect of a functional behavioral assessment is to help an individual change their inappropriate behavioral patterns that lead to social problems. By analyzing a student’s poor behavior, it is possible to determine if parents or teachers are inadvertently reinforcing the inappropriate behavior with certain actions.

The Main Improvement Areas

There are three main areas where students in schools require help with their behavior, including:

• Self-management skills – students changing their own behavior to avoid problems
• Social skills – understanding proper behavior in and out of the school environment
• Communication skills – learning appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication

Not only do teachers need to learn how to divert a student’s inappropriate behavior, but also, parents must become involved in the process.

Why Students Need Functional Behavioral Assessments

A functional behavioral assessment will list the behaviors that an individual must change in addition to providing solutions. Schools are required to have functional behavioral assessments performed on different populations of students, including:

• Students who have been suspended
• Students who are beginning an alternative school placement
• Students who are at risk for permanent expulsion
• Students who are listed as mentally challenged or learning disabled

What Information Is Included In a Functional Behavior Assessment?

A client who is undergoing a functional behavior assessment at Behavior & Educational Solutions is evaluated based on criteria such as age and ability. The written assessment will include specific information such as:

• A detailed account of the problem behavior
• Identifying why this inappropriate behavior occurs
• The motivating factors behind the problem behavior
• What causes the inappropriate behavior to continue
• Eyewitness accounts of the inappropriate behavior
• The ways that a student can change their inappropriate behavior

How a Functional Behavior Assessment Can Improve a Student’s Actions

Children at Behavior & Educational Solutions can learn how to reduce their anxiety in social situations along with learning to recognize social cues from their peers. When children who misbehave can improve their self-esteem, they become more confident while interacting with other students in a classroom. By improving social skill deficits, children who have a tendency to act inappropriately are able to change their behaviors.

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