Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony oftentimes is necessary in a child custody or visitation case. It is also required with regularity in cases brought in juvenile court, including both juvenile offender as well as cases involving abuse or neglect.

Identifying and engaging an experienced, effective, and compelling expert witness requires the consideration of a number of factors, including the reputation, reliability, and experience of a child psychology practice. Family Forensic Services has provided expert testimony in a wide range of different types of court proceedings involving issues pertaining to minor children.



Expert Witness Testimony in a Child Custody and Visitation Case

In making a determination regarding custody and visitation, also known as parenting time, a court is charged with considering what is in the best interests of a child. The best interests of a child standard requires a judge to consider a variety of factors and analyze them in light of the facts and circumstances of a particular case.

Expert witness testimony is invaluable if many child custody and parenting time proceedings. Indeed, in some instances, a court will order a case study to obtain recommendations pertaining to child custody and parenting time issues. The submission of such a report typically is accompanied by expert testimony presented by the professional who prepared that report.

Expert Witness Testimony in a Juvenile Offender Case

Expert testimony is also vital in juvenile offender cases. Oftentimes, the testimony is focused on the disposition phase of a case. Expert testimony is designed to provide the court guidance on how a judge should deal with a minor child adjudicated a juvenile offender following court proceedings.

Expert Witness Testimony in a Child in Need of Care Proceeding

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of abuse and negligence cases end up in court each and every year. The ultimate goal of these cases is protecting a child who has been subjected to abuse or neglect. Expert testimony is used for a variety of purposes in these cases, including determining whether, when and how a child can be reintegrated with his or her family after the occurrence of abuse or neglect.


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