Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations

Court ordered psychological evaluations are mandated in a variety of cases. These types of evaluations can be required in certain criminal, DUI, juvenile, and family law cases. When it comes to cases involving the juvenile or family court, a child can end up being ordered by a judge to obtain a psychological evaluation.

When such a referral occurs, utilizing the services of child psychology specialists, like the team at Family Forensic Services, typically is the wise course. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

Nonthreatening Psychological Evaluations

A psychological evaluation can be a traumatic experience for a child, if not undertaken in a proper manner. The reality is that a child has special needs and requirements when it comes to the psychological evaluation process. These special needs and requirements are best satisfied by professionals who specialize in the field of child psychology.

The necessity for a psychological examination of a child to be as nonthreatening as possible cannot be understated. An experienced child psychologist is in the best position to accomplish this goal, including creating an ideal physical environment in which to undertake an evaluation.

Moreover, a well-versed child psychologist understands how to speak to and question a child in an evaluation process. A child psychologist knows the language to utilize to keep a child comfortable and avoid leaving a young person feeling threatened by the evaluation process.

More Accurate Evaluations

Another reason why a child psychologist is deemed preferable to conduct an evaluation is because the process will net more accurate evaluations. The simple fact is that, by definition, a child psychologist works regularly and consistently with children. As a result, such a professional know the best practices to elicit necessary information for a child.

In addition, a psychologist practicing in this area of the profession is also best able to understand communications coming from a young person. This includes understanding not only what a child verbally conveys but also a young person’s nonverbal cues.

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