Classroom Management Coaching

In order for educators to provide a successful academic and social experience in the classroom, negative behaviors from students must be prevented and dealt with when they do occur.

However, sometimes employed strategies to manage classroom behaviors are not effective. Classroom management coaching is a service in which a trained provider can observe the classroom management techniques utilized by a particular teacher, assess the effectiveness of these techniques, and provide coaching and recommendations for changes in the classroom management plan. This service is an effective way to help teachers who may not have as much classroom management experience, or who are struggling with a particular group of students, by helping them to reinforce student pro-social behaviors.

What To Expect From Classroom Management Coaching

Although the approach of every provider will be different based on their own style and the needs of the teacher, classroom management coaching will generally follow the below steps.

Interviews: Before the provider enters the classroom, they will meet with the teacher and others who are aware of the problematic behaviors. The provider will want to know what the primary concerns are and what strategies are currently being employed to manage the behaviors.

Observation: The provider will observe the classroom during active instruction. This will occur over a period of time and observations will vary in their length and time of day. The provider will take notes during the observation in order to provide helpful feedback.

Assessment: The provider will review the information discovered and meet with the teacher to discuss which methods are working and which are not effective. The teacher and the provider will agree on a plan to modify the classroom management methods used.

Coaching: Observations will continue to occur, but these observations will be followed up with feedback and tips to guide the teacher in aligning with the agreed upon plan of classroom management. The plan may be modified based on the needs of the students and teacher if necessary.

Follow-up/Recommendations: The provider will give follow-up referrals and recommendations based on the teacher’s progress and ability to adhere to the modified classroom management plan. The provider may also make recommendations to school administration if they feel that classroom behavior is being negatively impacted by factors outside of the classroom, such as morning drop-off procedures or lunchroom policies.

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