Academic Intervention

Every parent dreams of their kid getting straight A’s in all the schoolwork projects. However, realistically, even the gifted students will need intervention in one area or another from time to time. Interventions are programs that are designed in a manner that makes it possible for all stakeholders to track the progress of the child who is having problems in certain areas.
What exactly is instructional intervention?

These are the steps that are put in place to help a child improve and achieve in a certain area where they have needs. Subjects such as reading and Math are where academic intervention normally occurs. Here are some of the key elements of an intervention:

  • They are intentional-this means that they are aimed at a specific weakness.
  • They are specific and formal. When the teacher is setting up the program, they state the number of weeks or months that they intend it to run.
  • The intervention ends when the child acquires the desired skill or gets to the same level with their peers.

Why an intervention is more than just a strategy

There are people that mix up the concept of intervention with a strategy. The difference between these two is that a strategy is simply a set of methods to teach your child something. On the other hand, an intervention is wider and more comprehensive, which means that it may include strategies. an intervention is therefore formal, known and monitored by both the parents and the instructor.

Differences between interventions and accommodations

There is also a huge difference between intervening and accommodating. Accommodating is changing the environment such that your child can have access to learning. For instance, if your child is having trouble reading and the tutor introduces text to speech software in their class, that is an accommodation. This will not improve the child’s reading skills, but it will help them access the information in books. An intervention will be aimed at improving their reading skills so that they can function on their own.

As a parent, it is very important to make sure that you know when your child is receiving interventions. This will help you track their progress. The more involved you are in the process, the higher the possibility that it will be successful. If the school your child is in uses RTI, your child could get targeted for interventions in reading and math. Always ask for progress updates.

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